My practice

Values such as consent, courage, compassion, and equity are vital to my practice. I believe therapy is most productive when it is collaborative, empathetic, and curious. My practice is psychodynamic and blends aspects of HumanisticRelational, and Liberation (anti-oppression) psychology, with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy interventions. I incorporate an existential perspective and mindfulness practices and value the contributions of Attachment Theory to understand how we develop patterns with ourselves and others.

I am a member of:
The American Counseling Association
The Association for Creativity in Counseling
Counselors for Social Justice
Seattle Counseling Association

 ongoing Consultation in:

  • Ethics, race, and social justice in the therapeutic context

  • Mindfulness-based and somatic interventions for working with trauma

  • Creative and spiritual practices as tools for healing and liberation

  • Cultural influences of systemic oppression on self-esteem, interpersonal dynamics, and personality development

Education and training:

  • Minnesota Psychological First Aid Cultural Somatic Training, Resmaa Menakem, 2019

  • Psychobiology of Oppression, 2018

  • Mentorship & Leadership, Char Sundust, 2018

  • Creating Healthy Attachment in Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), Susan Johnson, Ed.D. and Dan Hughes, Ph.D., 2018

  • Building Trust and Self-Compassion, Brené Brown, Ph.D. and Kristin Neff, Ph.D., 2018

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Program, 2018

  • Applied Spirituality Advanced Training Program, Char Sundust, 2017

  • Spiritual Intuitive Development Program, Char Sundust, 2016

  • Writing Down the Soul, Certificate in Memoir Writing, Pacifica University, 2017

  • Mindful Self-compassion Intensive Training, Kristen Neff, Ph.D. and Christopher Germer, Ph.D., 2016

  • Mentorship in the Foundational Concepts of Depth and Archetypal Psychology, 2016-2017

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Program, 2015

  • Art Therapy, Cascadia Training Center, 2015

  • Familiarity with 12-Step Recovery Concepts

  • Clinical Supervision Towards Licensure, K. Alexandra Onno, Ph.D. and Amy Ford, Psy.D.

  • Clinical Counseling Internship, Compass Health, Lynwood, 2014 - 2015

  • M.A., Counseling Psychology, Saybrook University, 2015

  • B.A., Literature and Minor in Social Psychology, UNC Asheville, 2005