Together, with

I wrote a poem some time ago:

“Together, with. Smile, wind mind. Lungs, breath song.”

I am reminded to consider: what makes enough, enough?

The etymological roots of "enough" can be traced to circa 1300, from Old English genog, an adjective meaning  "sufficient in quantity or number." Also, from the Proto-Germanic compound ganoga - "sufficient." There is also the Old English first element ge which suggests being "with...together."

Enough-ness asks us to be with what is sufficient.In matters of the soul, my "good enough" asks me to be together with what is. 


Axe for Hands

Flower for eyes

Bird for ears

Mushroom for nose

Smile for mouth

Songs for lungs

Sweat for skin

wind for mind

Just enough.

—Nanao Sakaki, found in Earth Prayers